Digitization is the engine behind rapid business transformation—a constant state of change that has become the new normal. How are human resources (HR) and business leaders adopting to this new normal? Deloitte’s 2018 annual Human Capital Trends survey explored this question and elaborated on what the future of work might look like for E&R companies.

As outlined in Deloitte’s recent report, Intelligent Mining: Delivering Real Value, digital transformation has profound implications for the work, the workforce, and the workplace. But, are organizations able to capitalize on the digital revolution? Are they able to fully comprehend these implications and effectively adjust their HR and operational strategies?

This report sheds light on how organizations can prepare for intelligent mining, including how far they have come in redefining their workforce strategies and talent models, and which areas will likely need more attention if they are to reap the rewards of automation, remote operating centers, analytics, mobility, and other digital advancements.