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Mining fundamental in WA budget reaching surplus for the first time in five years

Described as a mixed bag, the McGowan Government’s 2019-2020 State Budget holds a return to surplus and welcomed jobs growth in one hand, it holds an increase in fees and charges and axed projects in the other. “Last year’s budget was delivered one week before the Productivity Commission released its report into the GST redistributionContinue reading

Drilling for dollars: junior miners get inventive in search of funding

As the resources sector transitions from a period of contraction to one of growth, junior miners have been the last to reap the rewards of improved sentiment with access to capital tougher than it’s ever been according to panellists at the Miners on the Move event hosted by the WA Mining Club in May. TheContinue reading

Gaining ability through disability

By Emanuel Gherardi, Director Energy & Mining Group One of the great conversations to stem from the broader discussion around diversity in the workplace has been the evolution of what our definition of diversity actually looks like. Traditionally we have always looked to gender and ethnicity as the two main markers to tell us howContinue reading

The Culture Club

By Emanuel Gherardi, Director Energy & Mining Group Boy George said it best when he said… actually no, he didn’t. Let’s start again. In my opinion, Peter Drucker, the renowned writer and management consultant said it best when he said, “culture eats strategy for breakfast”. The comment was then made famous when Mark Fields theContinue reading

Australian resources industry quarterly announced

In 2018 the mining and resources industry contributed 57 per cent of all goods exported from Australia and contributed 21 percent to GDP growth in the year to the December quarter. The prices of Australia’s major resource commodities have recently hit seven-year highs, however according to the Resources and Energy Quarterly (March 2019), are likelyContinue reading

Industry to tackle unprecedented decline in mining as a career pathway

An unprecedented decline in young people choosing mining as a career and how the industry can tackle this issue were some of the hot topics addressed by CEO and Managing Director of Western Areas Dan Lougher at WA Mining Club’s March luncheon. According to a report published by the Foundation of Young Australians, 75% ofContinue reading

Skills shortage could cut deeper than expected

When Western Areas Managing Director and CEO Dan Lougher addressed the WA Mining Club last month, the skills shortage was not an issue he intended to cover. But for a fleeting moment the discussion turned to the skills shortage constraining industry and a somewhat passionate call for industry to work together to provide a solution.Continue reading

STEM UnitED program launched to get WA school students job ready

Leading STEM education provider Fire Tech Australia will introduce thousands of Western Australian Year 9 students to the world of robotics and drones, with the launch of STEM unitED, a school program aimed at promoting careers in STEM. The program, set to reach up to 6000 students this year, aims to promote the use ofContinue reading

Introducing our director, Emanuel Gherardi

Emanuel Gherardi has provided recruitment and workforce management solutions to the Australian and international mining and oil & gas industries for over 20 years. In that time, he has worked closely as a trusted advisor for a range of organisations; from smaller exploration and family run businesses to some of the industry’s largest and mostContinue reading

Fractions over Actions: The struggle for a diverse and inclusion industry

It’s been quite a year for diversity in the Australian Mining industry with diversity and inclusion amongst the most hotly discussed topics in the boardroom, at industry events and around the ol’ office water cooler. Progress over the last 12 months is clearly evident in that the dialogue is more prevalent than it’s ever been,Continue reading